Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Also one of the main reasons for gaining weight.

Although falling asleep in warmth is pleasant, the optimal temperature is 60-75°F (15-23°C).

Solution: Cover up with a light blanket, and change it to a warm one during the night.

Physical exercise


A workout stimulates the nervous system, which is why falling asleep after going to the gym can be a problem.

Solution: Exercise no less than 3 hours before going to bed.

 Lack of schedule

 To rest fully, your body needs a certain amount of time. Besides, getting enough sleep in advance or catching up with it on weekends is impossible.

Solution: Go to bed at the same time every night, preferably between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.


Even the smallest light from a lamp or the LED lights of electrical appliances mess with your sleep. The darker it is, the better your dreams.

Solution: Get rid of all sources of light, or put on a sleeping mask.


Using your bed for the wrong purpose

Many people use their beds not only to sleep but as a kind of workplace, which resultsin a decreased quality of sleep.

Solution: Leave your job outside the bedroom.



It’s no secret that caffeine prevents you from easily falling asleep. Don’t forget that it’s found not only in coffee but in tea, chocolate, and some other products as well.

Solution: Have fewer foods containing caffeine in the evening.

Making yourself fall asleep

Many go to bed without wanting to sleep, hoping the desire will come by itself. In the majority of cases, though, it won’t.

Solution: If you can’t fall asleep in 20 minutes, get up from bed and read a book (not an e-book, though, as it’ll make things even worse), or do something relaxing.

 Mind overload

We often don’t let our brain "reboot" and rest from day-to-day problems before going to bed, which results in low sleep quality.

Solution: Distract yourself from all concerns, and direct your thoughts at something else entirely: recall the names of countries beginning with the same letter, or try counting sheep


Sleep position

Going to sleep in an uncomfortable position, whether you’re alone or with your partner, stresses your body, resulting in a lack of rest.

Solution: Assume a position that you feel most comfortable in, and try not to change it until you fall asleep



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