Eminem Confirms 'Revival' Album Title, Teases New Song

'Walk On Water'

On Wednesday (Nov. 8), the Detroit MC uploaded a pic of a doctor's "prescription" note that had the word "Revival" at the top of it. The actual prescribed medicine was named "Walk On Water," and the words "Take as needed" were written underneath. We're guessing that "Walk On Water" is the first track from Em's upcoming project.


Just a couple of weeks ago, fans of the rapper speculated that Revival was the name of his album because of an interesting IG post that Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, posted. "Upon closer inspection, though, some sleuthing fans on Reddit got one step ahead of the rest of us and noticed something unusual: a huge ad for the drug Revival covering the side of a city building, Billboard reported. "Except there is no actual drug named Revival out there, and the ad was apparently purchased by Interscope Records, according to a listing on the Detroit Free Press."


The outlet continued: "What does all of this have to do with Eminem? Well, for one, the 'E' on Revival is backwards, just like it is on Em's logo. Beyond that, a website created for the supposed drug that treats 'Atrox Rithimus' (a non-existent condition) almost appears legit, except it holds a slew of light references to the rapper.


"'Seize the moment,' the website announces, a phrase which brings to mind a lyric from his Eminem Show track 'Sing for the Moment.' 'REVIVAL could be music to your ears.'"


Now that we definitely know that Eminem's album is entitled Revival, as well as the first single from it, let's celebrate. That good Slim Shady music is headed our way! Our bodies are ready.


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